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This is interesting, in a Chinese curse sort of way.

Swedish car company Vulvo ran two different ads to be shown in America and Poland.

lmao. Do the swedecucks know their audience, or do they simply know that one audience is in the grip of a very special vise and the other audience is a nation of freemen?

In the comments, Volvo posted a message saying they’re deleting all negative comments which violate their “social media house rules.”

The rules won’t protect Globohomo much longer. You can very nearly see their edifice crumbling around them.

PS Aren’t Vulvos, like Subarus, the car of choice for the flannel and softball crowd?


18 Responses to “America Vs Poland: Vulvo Edition”

  1. Nads says:

    Volvos are nice cars. Nice, safe cars. Nice, safe cars, built in a country that will cease to exist in a generation and is barely recognizable today.

    • Dr. trav777 says:

      bet they wouldn’t run an ad like that in a muslim country either

      • turboprop555 says:

        We need to push for Muslim LGBTWTF in Saudi. It’s discrimination against them not to post homoerotic ads in their public spaces. I’ll sponsor a flight of feminists to go to Jeddah to help out.

      • Augustus says:

        I responded to your longest post on CH ever, but in case you don’t go back to see it, do yourself a favor and read this. Hopefully you hop off Neil Degrasse Tyson’s BBC when you’re done reading it.:

  2. Alex the Goon says:

    Nice touch with the soymouth. The Polish guy seems a bit too dark, though.

    • Dr.Benway says:

      The girl had to be in the car to show that females are in charge and in the driver’s seat.

    • Dr.Benway says:

      You may want to take a tour of the world and get out of Podunk.Americans seem to have a lot of stereotypes about countries.

      • Alex the Goon says:

        I don’t need to tour the world to know that (1) the average Polish man is not that shade of skin and hair, and (2) the juxtaposition of blackhair-brown-male with redhair-white-female is 100% deliberate with malice aforethought.

      • Captain Obvious says:

        Bengay is JIDF.

        Don’t let him get under you skin.

        Just laugh at him.

      • Dr.Benway says:

        Do you need glasses? The Pole looks pretty White to me. One of the homos though may be a Chicano.

      • Dr.Benway says:

        @Capn’ Shutup goyim, you’re as dumb as a cow.

      • Captain Obvious says:

        LOL’ed @ JIDF Bengay.

      • turboprop555 says:

        Darker poles exist have mixed roots, but they are usually a Gypsy-like underclass like darker Ukrainians. It would be useless to advertise cars to these people, so the target audience is really just cosmopolitan whores. Just eyeballing it, most Poles are white people. Globohomo doesn’t want to depict white families. This is another well-funded campaign against Poland and their resistance (however debatable) to the Swarth Swarm.

    • PA says:

      Youre overthinking it due to the fact that we’re all hypersensitive to antiWhite propaganda. It looks to me like sexual dimorphism in a cartoon. They’re both White.

      If it were meant to depict an interracial couple, the child would have been self consciously drawn as halfway between the two parents in skin and hair color.

      • Laufas says:

        Maybe they tried to depict a gypsy, or make him ambiguous enough. Not that it matters, this jew crap is everywhere anyways, individual anti-white pieces of crap don’t matter much, we need to obsess over solutions instead.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Get woke, go broke…

  4. Pole says:

    Poland – nation of freemen? Sounds like a joke. We are on the exact same path as the West once was, with very limited means for defending ourselves. You’ll all wake up one day and cry that Poland shared your sad fate.

  5. txchewtoy says:

    This is less of an indictment of Volvo than of the takeover of the alphabet people. It’s only been 5 years from ‘let teh gayz marry’ to forced gender reassignment of 7yo boys over the fathers wishes.
    Love the Volvo, hate the globohomos

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