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Via cortesar,

this is real, this exists but it should never have
you want an argument to persuade you to finally espouse the radical pool side doctrine/ideology
here it is

Of course, in a relentlessly pozzed show like Gayme of Drones, a waifish girl dispatches dozens of grown men.

I wish I had talent to accurately depict how much I despise, how much I loathe the bugman, the clown world in all its manifestations
But I cannot
It is visceral, it goes beyond words, far beyond rational, far beyond the repulsiveness as we knew it

Automaton fits the bill. This is a form of mass hysteria or mass narcissistic delusion. Individual humans have surrendered their personalities and thoughts to the Hivemind, for the dopaminergic tingle of seeing themselves reflected in a million other like-minded simulacra through the ritualistic viewing of dumb escapist fantasy.

This is the effluvia of both globalism and escape from globalism. These benighted creaturas shrieking and jizzing over a Dungeons & Dragons campaign (with less depth) are the unwitting meat nuggets tossed into the Globohomo maw, desperately trying to escape Globohomo though its digestive tract.

And part of the escapist lure of GOT is the nearly all-White leading cast, a welcome respite from the Diversitopia reality, which these bar room lards would never admit was one of the draws of the show for them. As Johnny Redux commented,

Notice the room is basically 100% White. I am sure that there are various people in there from the Left, the Right, and in the middle. Say what you will about Game of Thrones, including the various POZ scenes and issues, as well as having Jewish producers, but it does show that the European soul has a longing for days of glory gone by, when there were knights, battles of honor, and unified armies fighting against a known, easily identifiable enemy (be that a different race, or even the living dead). The men were men, not sissies. That is why other shows, even with various POZ and historical (generally, pro-feminist) inaccuracies, are very, very popular – like Vikings and Knightfall. It is part of the European soul…a different soul from other races.

Yakub reminds me of something I wrote on the matter,

Pop culture has become a touchstone because Americans have so little in common anymore that they must reach for quips and scenes from pozzed TV shows to manufacture fellow-feeling.

Organic community is gone, so Challahwood invented an inorganic community to replace it.

Which was the plan all along.

Millions of Americans orgasm over waif assassins and costumed superheroes as their nations fall one by one to the logic of the locust swarm.

When the rot is deep and irreversible, it doesn’t require nihilistic abandon to decide that poolside is the best option left.

At least a poolside escape will leave your dignity intact.


Augustus has an answer:

The Special people, Umber people, etc THRIVE in the U.S because of White leeching. This is why talk of “separatism” is already being culled by the tech oligarchs. Minorities do not simply want to live in their own spaces. They want to live in their own spaces while leeching off the White Man to fund their welfare. If you kicked all of the White people out of CA for example, who would fund the millions of welfare recipients, illegals etc? You know the Jews wont stay their either.

Les Saunders, Protestant, replies,

It was very deliberate, and very disquieting, that the tech companies explicitly proscribed white “separatism” along with white nationalism from their platforms.

They don’t want us to exist.

The idea that those whites who wish to preserve their culture, race, identity – their lives – should be made illegal to think or say, is compelling.

They’re saying: nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, White people. We’re coming for you.

It’s a peculiar thing, this mass hysteria to condemn, demonize, and silence any discussion that takes on the hue of even mild pro-White advocacy.

Every other group can freely advocate online for their tribal interests, but only Whites are banned from doing so.

Strange. Maybe we should ask the tech and banking oligarchs point blank why they censor and demonetize Whites speaking fondly of their own race, when they don’t extend the same swift and excessive punishment to racially proud nonWhites?

Maybe it really does come down to securing the parasite-host relationship in perpetuity.

I think it’s more primal than that even.

It’s raw hatred, compelled by raw envy, magnified by raw fear of the day that their rotten depredations are exposed to sunlight.


On the topic of White separatism, Igor thinks White Southerners would stay to the bitter diversigenic end, because their 300-year-old connection to blood and soil is stronger than their racial inclination for more seasonal climes.

I don’t think the Southern Whites will leave in large numbers, especially if the local demographics improved. Their (our) ancestors have been there for centuries. Their graves are there. The towns, schools, churches – everything has a historical meaning beyond its function. Friends and families have relationships going back generations. In other words, they still resemble natives of a nation more than migrant trash. They won’t abandon it all to search for British weather.

But even though the South was spared genocidal levels of immigration until relatively recently compared to most of the USA, it is going through the same process of cultural sterilization. They may simply be generic “whites” with no cultural ties to the South in another generation (to the extent there are enough of them left to matter by then).

This cultural sterilization process (yes, it is happening all over America) will, as I have predicted, broaden the appeal of a generic “White identity”, specifically in America, where White ethnic and regional differences are being erased by hipster globalization. White nationalism and its cousin world-views will find more purchase in America than in Europe, because the latter still maintains strong geopolitical White ethnic distinctions. In America, those intraWhite ethnic distinctions are disappearing and subsuming into a larger “White American” identity that has ethnic boundaries marked as much by ideology as by lineage, and which are set apart and defined by the incoming deluge of Diversity™. We are rapidly approaching the day when American White ethnicities are an anachronism, replaced by two massive ideology-ethnicities (ethnologies): leftoid equalist GoonWhites and sane FreeWhites.


Meme Of The Day

I laughed, hard.


MOTD runner-up:

lol is this guy wtf-ing about the tranny or about the pervy cameraman?


Deter Naturalist corners the shitlb enviro about his betrayal of his claimed principles.

In the 1970’s endless ink was spilled about running out of landfill space and paving North America. Then the globalists bought off the Sierra Club


and suddenly America’s 200 million people needed to swell to 335 million and “who gives a shit about landfills?”

For decades Americans were conditioned to lightly use the products carried from China, et. al. to America by thousands and thousands of huge container ships, and then to LANDFILL THEM, all so a few families could reap the riches of kings by whoresaling & retailing all that cheap junk.

That’s what Aztecs represent; just more North American shoppers on the ship/consumer/landfill conveyor belt.

There’s a whole lot of folks (behind this) who need to be compositing in those pits.

Tree huggers used to rant and rave about bursting, bulging landfills. Remember the single-teared Indian (really an Italian)? Rage against the dump is what propelled the recycling movement.

But now? “How dare you, racist! How absolutely dare you not welcome one billion third world refugees to come here and grow our economy landfills!”

I wonder if the Green New Deal has anything to say about open borders directly contradicting its stated goal of improving the environment? AOC? Hello? Anyone home?

Every time a shitlib virtue signals about open borders, I just say America was a great place to live with half the people she has now and a 90% White super-majority. Shitlibs don’t have an answer to that, so they sputter and fume about “Jim Crow”, their universal rhetorical playpen for any rogue discussion that doesn’t fluff their premises.


A reader passes along this bombshell April 2019 study which I missed,

CH, you’ve got to check out this recent study – high school aged girls who are around high-achieving guy are less likely to go to college and more likely to have kids. And the effect is even stronger for girls who go to good schools and have a college educated parent. Of course article is positioned as this is a negative, instead of it saying that even young women want to have kids with top men.

From the abstract:

This paper studies the effect of exposure to female and male “high-achievers” in high school on the long-run educational outcomes of their peers. Using data from a recent cohort of students in the United States, we identify a causal effect by exploiting quasi-random variation in the exposure of students to peers with highly educated parents across cohorts within a school. We find that greater exposure to “high-achieving” boys, as proxied by their parents’ education, decreases the likelihood that girls go on to complete a bachelor’s degree, substituting the latter with junior college degrees. It also affects negatively their math and science grades and, in the long term, decreases labor force participation and increases fertility.

“increases fertility”. The key phrase.

If you want to arrest low White fertility, keep young women away from college and in the company of alpha males.

Game can make White women fertility great again.

We explore possible mechanisms and find that greater exposure leads to lower self-confidence and aspirations and to more risky behavior (including having a child before age 18).

This is written, of course, from an indignant femcunt perspective, but a more honest analysis of the study results would describe the natural desire of women to submit to powerful men, or to men who seem to have the potential to be powerful later in life. Chicks dig dominant men, and the “lower self-confidence” evident in women who are around alpha males is a feature of the feminine template of vulnerable desire to submit to a powerful man, rather than a bug to be removed from the DNA code.

The girls most strongly affected are those in the bottom half of the ability distribution (as measured by the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test), those with at least one college-educated parent, and those attending a school in the upper half of the socioeconomic distribution.

So…all women?

The effects are quantitatively important: an increase of one standard deviation in the percent of “high-achieving” boys decreases the probability of obtaining a bachelor’s degree from 2.2-4.5 percentage points, depending on the group.

The alpha male is rarer than the young hottie. Women instinctively know this and grasp this reality of the sexual market, so their bodies and minds promptly reorient to “catch the alpha male’s attention and birth his champions before he finds someone younger, hotter, tighter, and more feminine than a shrewish, careerist shrike” when an alpha male lands in their social circle.

Chasing after college and credentials and a “good career” are only serious considerations for women who are surrounded by uninspiring beta males.

Beta male providers get it coming and going. Women aren’t inspired by beta providers to abjure the credentialist cubicle farm life, and beta providers are made less attractive by the economic self-sufficiency of the women who chose career over love&ovenbuns with a beta.

Greater exposure to “high-achieving” girls, on the other hand, increases bachelor’s degree attainment for girls in the lower half of the ability distribution, those without a college-educated parent, and those attending a school in the upper half of the socio-economic distribution.

Sure. Girls aren’t having sex, romance, and babies with “high-achieving” girls aka spinsters.

The effect of “high-achievers” on male outcomes is markedly different: boys are unaffected by “high-achievers” of either gender.

Chicks dig powerful men.
Men dig beautiful women.
The rest is feminist poopytalk.


I won’t blow boggy peat up your kilts, boys. Short, grossly fat, and ugly men (SFUs) will have a tougher go of it in the dating market…all else equal.

Game — learned charisma — can improve the lot of the male SFUs, but only by so much. The non-famous equivalent of Danny De Vito might vault from dating 2s to dating 3s with the help of Game. Not that that’s anything to cavalierly dismiss. When you’re a thirsty man, sipping from bird-dropping collection water instead of toxic sewage will feel like a tall cool glass of mountain spring.

There is a dazzling exception.

A male SFU can overcome his SMV handicap with sheer, stupid self-confidence.


The average man doesn’t have nearly the requisite self-confidence to pick up plain janes with ease, let alone to pick up hotties with effort.

The average SFU man has even less self-confidence, so what I write in this post is, for all practical purposes, theoretical.

But it’s a theory which a few, exceptional men prove correct, and I’ve seen them in action too often to dispel the theory out of hand.

The physically unimpressive man can overcome girls’ insta-rejections with an approach that is so stupidly confident in tenor, technique, and attitude that one could say it borders on psychotically narcissistic.

But chicks do dig narcissistic men.

A stupid-confident man can, on the approach and during the first minute of interaction, cause a girl to “reset” her mate appraisal mechanism.

You can shock a girl into a new frame of perception with supremely stupid self-confidence.

Literally shock and awe her hamster until the wheel spins in the opposite direction.

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Short, weird-looking men boldly stride into the personal space of hard 9s. I watched George Costanzas oblivious to their own ugliness glitter like Casanovas near the Clamburger Gate. All those moments will be etched in mind, like tingles untamed.

You can be an alpha persuader, or a beta provider, or both (a neat trick), but you won’t master women until you’ve first mastered your self-doubt.

Where there is no doubt, there is a dripping vaj spout.

Summon your inner sociopath, and no physical handicap will prevent your destiny with womanizing.


The Blackest Of Pills

This is the blackest pill I’ve come across in the past two years, and that’s saying something.

1984 is the appetizer. Brave New World is the poisoned entree.

Reuters/Ipsos polling discredited itself in the lead-up to the 2016 election, so take what they report here with a flat of salt.

However, those Globohomo-approved numbers are so daunting it leaves dissidents like myself to wonder just what it will take before normie Americans wake up to the rapidly growing threat from a Corporate-Government alliance against nationalism and free thinkers. We can’t just mutter “GIGO” with such a lop-sided result.

I’ll repost some good comments from AE’s Unz outpost.


The introduction in Neil Postman’s “Amusing Ourselves to Death” (the original into, not the one by his son) lays out the premise of his book with an apt comparison of the Orwell v. Huxley future.

A future that indeed seems to make his circa 80’s book quite prescient in its thesis that it will be our own distractions, pleasures, and self-absorption that will be our undoing; that by feeding our base drives and pleasure-seeking and avoidance of discomfort, while surrounded by abundance unmatched in history, we will enslave ourselves. Thus making much of the brute force of Orwellian totalitarianism unnecessary. Though unnecessary doesn’t mean it won’t happen as well.

I can’t paste the text. Perhaps someone else will. Its a book largely focused on media in the TV era but holds up quite well in our techie media world. Which is telling.

Michael S:

I believe it was originally CH that referred to this as “Ing-soma”. It seems like a little bit of both. The censorship and oppression and constant rewriting of history is obscene and dehumanizing, but most normies are too blissed out on cheap gadgets, fast food and porn to notice or care.

Indeed, it was I who coined Ingsoma.


The logical conclusion of the reigning ideology pushed by our tech lords.

I love my fat queer brown body!

More from Anon[170]:

People who say the ‘left’ is in power are totally delusional.

The classic left is gone. This is the ‘left’ that is left: A degenerate joke.

The real power is with Special supremacist, globo-homo capitalist-imperialist oligarchy. Big Tech Oligarchs hire SJW types to go after Alt Right and Dissident Right. (And Big Money uses whore politicians to shut down BDS and Palestinians.) These ‘leftists’ are all minions.

The real power is neo-imperialist and elite-narcissist. With a ‘left’ dumb as this, Big Money has nothing to worry about. All they need to do is yell, ‘Nazi’, and these SJW-NPC types bark at some fictional enemy without ever noticing that they’re dogs of the oligarchs.

“Dogs of the Oligarchs”. Your next Great American Novel title.


Perception of Social Media, favorable/unfavorable does not exclude specific user gripes. Your links demonstrate this. Facebook – only 50% favorability. Somewhat favorable isn’t the same thing. Facebook only 30%. Try the same test with Unz readers, Unz members. As much as some of us dislike the political bias of big tech, few of us could live without them. Just look at Gab. Freedom and speech and all that. Why don’t any of us use it?

I hate to say it, but the reason Gab has a relatively tiny user base compared to Twatter et al is precisely because most people don’t want to participate in a free speech free-for-all. Or they can’t handle it without having an emotional breakdown.

People want soothing platitudes.

They aren’t called the ugly truths for nothing.

(However, I predict Gab’s popularity grows with increasing political discontent in America, as more normies are sucked into the pre-Civil War 2 slipstream.)


The Great Men On Usury



Jennifer Garner (entering her Skeletor years) featured on the cover of People’s Most Beautiful 2019 Issue.

From Inglenook Hampendick,

Bitch is pushing 50. What the fuck is this, foisting off these post-fertile celebs as “most beautiful”? I mean, a quarter of a century ago, she was hot, but now, if you put her in the middle of any college town nightclub, she’d be invisible. And didn’t this same mag have Anniston as one of their picks recently, too?

I call this “yass-lighting”, to describe the gaslighting that the Yass, queen! crowd tries to shove into the public consciousness.

People magazine is a premier regurgitator of Globohomo agitprop. People wants the world to believe in something patently false: that aging starlets with angular manjaws and aggressive attitudes are paragons of feminine allure. We are supposed to believe that 50 year old ex-beauties are as beautiful as they were at 22.


Well, one reason is that Globohomo foot soldiers don’t like immutable laws of nature.

Another reason is that globohomoists are in an active war against Truth and Beauty. Defeating those pillars of the cosmic order will demoralize their ancient enemy, The Chad and Betty. Nothing is quite as humiliating as genuflecting before an obvious lie to avoid social opprobrium.

NordicGoats adds,

I’m sure the age of their “most beautiful” tracks nicely with the age of their staff. Magazines are dead or dying and even journalism majors know not to start their career in magazines these days.

LMAO. You know it. The catlady broads running these legacy media outlets into the ground are riding a wave of delusion that they won’t get off until it’s Open Mockery Season again in America.

Young women may mouth the platitudes, but they know the score.

And men don’t read People.

So it’s the catladies and their gay besties who are the primary imbibers of yass, queen horse shit.


Unholy Abominations

Regrettably, I’ve seen way too many trannyfreak pics in the past year, thanks to the zeitgeist. One can’t avoid the ocular AIDS.

But this photo…this one in particular…jarred me from my cynic’s slumber. I had to do a double-take as I couldn’t discern if the characters were human or mannequin, and I wondered just WTF was going on with psychotranny’s world-eating mouth and gamma ray-emitting sanpaku eyes.

And the boy child…it wasn’t that long ago this scene would alert child protective services.

Now our culture celebrates child abuse and sexualization. Coincidentally, our culture is steered by these sorts of people:

Does the “I” stand for Insane? It should.


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